Effective Treatment for Dizziness, Vertigo & other Vestibular conditions

Some of the most common causes of dizziness and vertigo are caused by Vestibular issues. 1 in 3 adults will suffer from some sort of Vestibular dysfunction. Symptoms can be quite debilitating however, with the correct diagnosis our treatment can be extremely effective.

What is Vertigo?

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Often lose your balance?

70-90% BPPV Patients see dramatic improvement after ONLY 3 treatments!

Vestibular Rehabilitation is a proven & effective intervention to:

Decrease Dizziness
Ease or Eliminate Vertigo
Improve balance
Reduce the risk of falls
Ease unsteadiness resulting from Vestibular (inner ear) conditions

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What conditions do you treat?

BPPV Treatment & Management
Vestibular Neuritis/Labyrinthitis
Meniere's Disease
Post ENT Surgery Management
Vestibular Migraine
Concussion Dizziness
Vestibular Migraine & PPPD
Recurring Falls Management
What is Vestibular Rehabilitation?

Vestibular Physiotherapy

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) is a specialised form of therapy intended to alleviate both the primary and secondary problems caused by Vestibular Disorders. It is an Exercise-Based program, primarily designed to reduce vertigo, dizziness, gaze instability and imbalance which can cause falls.